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Gone are those days whereby Shoppers must go around all in the name of “Window Shopping”. Affirming the saying that “the world is now a global village ” with internet everywhere you can search for anything ! I Mean Anything” and Everything” you care about , want to buy or have more knowledge about. Then Why Stress your self ? when you can easily get every information about where to get the latest Electronics/Home Appliances, Latest Mobile Phones at the cheapest price or a guaranteed lowest price store within Lagos and Ibadan to mention a few.

Many shoppers at the comfort of their home search online to get prices of what they intend to buy out-there before they make a move getting directions to their choice of a real time mortal store to shop. Showcasing our online price list via our website has definitely made our existing and prospective customers have a clue of the price of what they expect to meet at our store and also compare with other stores too.

But one major challenge keep brewing form time to time , talking form our own experience which cut across all online stores, the Price updates on catalogues /Websites. The rate at which electronics, Mobile Phones even talk about any product you can easily get their prices online changes with the speed of light. So drastically that whatever price you get online which might be updated in less than 24hours would have changed from the time you checked a store catalogue /website online to the moment you decide to visit the store for the actual purchase.

This has been as an effect of the forex exchange which no Electronics and Mobile phones dealer has control over, many online electronic stores keep up the game by always updating their store price list like we do too at Solat electronics Stores but still fall victim of price variance as at the time a customer will visit the store. i.e for stores who has a mortal showrooms for products display like ours.

We at Solat Electronics Stores either in lagos or ibadan not trying to reinvent the wheel , but was thoughtful of best ways at which irrespective of the changes in the price of Electronics or Mobile Phones, Lowest Price is always Guaranteed!.

You may ask how? Firstly we listen to our customers choices and budget. It doesn’t matter if you have seen same product elsewhere at a higher price and ours lower. Your Budget is Key!! Listening to customers makes our in-house sales representatives understand what you expects and what you intend to use the device for in terms of Memory requirements’ , Camera Resolutions, Ruggedness and durability.

Its so certain you will get your desired device or home appliances at the lowest price through our one-on-one conversation window, hence gives room for a discount offer at all times.

Think Electronics store in ibadan and Lagos ‘ Think Solat Electronics Store!!!

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