Download , Save and Visit Any Solat Mobile Phones & Electronics Store Closer to you to effect your 2k discount on Any Mobile Phone of choice and Get up to 20% Discount on Any Electronics of your Choice. Or Chat Us Now

Solat Electronics Stores is a leading Mortal Store Where you can easily pop in to see in real time, your choice of Home Appliances , Mobile Phones and various Gadgets of your choice.

When its comes to value for money, Solat Electronics is the brand name to trust as they have a proven record backing this up with various reviews.

Introducing the “Get More for Less” is not just to entice our customers but to give back within this window and also let our esteemed customers know how much we value them.

“Get More for Less” is simply the more you buy the more discount you get at Solat Electronics Store!

This is more than a discount as its the more you buy the less you spend at any Solat Mobile Phones & Electronics Store.

How do you Qualify?

Look out or request for the Solat Get More for Less Discount Voucher on Solat Electronics social media platforms; Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp then download and save the discount voucher as seen.

How does it Apply to you?

Firstly you are entitle to a 2K Naira Discount on any Mobile Phone of your choice for the first action to download and save the voucher,

While other Discounts are accrued to you when you plan ahead to buy any Home Appliances at any Solat Electronics Store near you.

This Voucher(s) can be use directly by you alone , or together with friends and families in other to qualify for more discounts.

How does this Work?

For the mere facts that you are here, download and save this voucher as seen on Solat Electronics website,

You have only secured your 2k discount on Mobile Phones Purchas by Downloading and saving the Voucher,

Call or Chat any of the Solat Electronics Contact Numbers of the Voucher you downloaded to drop your name details or chat us up on any of our social media platforms Twitter , Facebook , Instagram and Whatsapp.

Back to back check our track records as Solat Telecoms has never promised what they can’t offer or deliver as all terms and condition applies.

Can this Voucher Be Transferred ?

O yes! This voucher is transferable to friends, families and relatives within 30 days of when you secured your offer by reaching out to Solat Electronics on any of the Social Media Platforms.

You can even plan out with friends and families to Crowd Buy at any Solat Electronics Store.

How Much Discount Can I get at Solat Telecoms & Electronics Stores ?

1. You qualify for a 2k Naira Discount Voucher on any Mobile Phone of your choice by downloading the Voucher.

2. Buy a Mobile Phone with Television, Water Dispenser, and qualify for Discount between 10 to 15% applied . (Two Electronics Items)

3. Get Mobile Phones , Smart Television, Air conditioner ,Water Dispensers and Power Generator and you Get More Discount Up to 20% . (Three Electronics Items)

Remember you don’t have to do this all alone to qualify , you can jointly visit Any Solat Telecoms & Electronics Store with friends and family to enjoy this great season less offer.

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